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About me

On the top of The Rock

Hello, I'm Leslie!

If you landed here it’s because you’re probably addicted to brunch like me!


        My little story: 

Epicurean and great gourmand since a young age when I was bathed in the smell of mom's cakes, it was quite natural that the desire to bake appeared over the years! 

At the same time, every time I went on vacation I always stole my parents' or grandparents' camera. When I was 13 I already had my first SLR! Not a little proud.. 

A dreamer and always curious to discover the world, I started traveling after finishing my studies with my boyfriend, and my camera in my pocket! Gradually, the love for brunches appeared and we love them. In addition to capturing memories, a passion for FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY was born. Since then, it's impossible to make a recipe or test an address without immortalizing the moment!

Why did I decide to create this blog?

Every time I go on a trip, I scroll for hours on my phone to find the best addresses in the city! So for yousimplify a little bit about life and enjoying your trip as much as possible, I'll give you the best addresses that I was able to try during my travels!

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